Lifecraft is a fun and engaging way to tell your story, capture your thoughts, and discover your dreams. It works its magic by encouraging you to self-reflect and focus on your life. In short, Lifecraft will help you reinvent yourself, conquer your setbacks, leap tall buildings in a single bound, and live boldly.
Lifecraft screenshots
Lifecraft works on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Lifecraft is a joy to use. It sports a gorgeous interface and has amazing features you can count on. To find Lifecraft on the App Store, search for "Lifecraft journal" instead of just "Lifecraft".

iCloud Sync
Lifecraft seamlessly syncs your information between all of your devices using Apple's iCloud technology. This means that you don't have to trust your private information to yet another 3rd party.

Your information is always encrypted whether it's stored on your computer, in the cloud, or on its way to the cloud. Let's just say that we've got you covered.

Nested Journals
Create as many journals as you want for different areas of your life (family, school, work). Organize your journals hierarchically into multiple levels of subjournals.

Emotion Bars
Improve your emotional life by exploring how you feel each day. Use the built-in emotion calendar and reporting to analyze your history.

Photos & Movies
Create a rich history by attaching an unlimited number of photos and movies to each of your journal entries.

Assign any number of tags to each journal entry to organize your life on your terms. Use the tag filter to only see entries belonging to certain tags.